Clean Water

We provide clean water for our homeless so they do not have to resort to drinking unhealthily and becoming ill and unable to get care.

Handicap Care

Some of our homeless need handicap services. They may be veterans who lost limbs or others who through ill health suffer needlessly. Help us help them.

Provide Shelter

Eventually, we would dearly love to be able to provide adequate shelter and living solutions, but we need you to stand up with us.

Medical Facilities

Many people in America, can't get medical care and its even worse for the homeless. No one should be without care and that's why we strive to bring care to the homeless

Jody White

You Can Be A Part Of Us...

Take action, don't stand on the side lines. Emulate the love and compassion that Jesus showed his brothers and sisters, love without condition and compassion to all. Help us change lives, what greater service could you give.





Your Money Is Guaranteed Reach The Needy

Spiritual Direction


Nutritious Meals

Personality Development

Homeless Outreach

Counselling Sessions

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